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CN-103164363-A: Data processing method and data processing device patent, CN-103170676-A: Driven type deviation-rectifying edge-aligning tape divider patent, CN-103171911-A: Ship loader installation technology patent, CN-103173669-A: Method for melting diamond steel patent, CN-103178225-A: 一种用于网络电缆测线器的电池座 patent, CN-103186056-A: Projection system of immersed photolithography system patent, CN-103186270-A: 感测电极结构及使用该感测电极结构的触控面板 patent, CN-103194150-A: 一种高粘合力pvc涂塑钢丝及其生产方法 patent, CN-103196415-A: Digitalization surface normal measuring system patent, CN-103198779-A: Display device and driving method thereof patent, CN-103199307-A: Container formation lead-acid battery technology patent, CN-103205806-A: Mono-crystalline cubic carbon nitride film preparation method patent, CN-103224657-A: Natural rubber stock capable of preventing adhesion to cement patent, CN-103224999-A: Degenerate primer for detecting virus belonging to virus family Arenaviruses and RT-PCR detection method patent, CN-103225443-A: Automatic alarming fence patent, CN-103226626-A: 一种正交异性钢桥面板的疲劳荷载效应分析模型简化方法 patent, CN-103226827-A: Camera external parameter correction method and device, and assistant parking system patent, CN-103228817-A: 滑动结构部件 patent, CN-103232612-A: Pc合金树脂免粗化电镀的方法 patent, CN-103233535-A: 点支双层玻璃幕墙安装夹具 patent, CN-103234766-A: Adjustable electric wheel suspension system vibration and noise testing bench patent, CN-103237307-A: 一种基于资源池的portal账号资源分配方法及系统 patent, CN-103237437-A: Fastening structure of digital equipment and digital equipment comprising fastening structure patent, CN-103244231-A: Variable-pressure gas release braking method and variable-pressure gas release brake for implementing same patent, CN-103244351-A: Improved noise reduction control for wind turbines patent, CN-103245247-A: Sweptback type corrugated fin patent, CN-103246096-A: Bistable liquid crystal handwriting device patent, CN-103247287-A: Keyboard apparatus patent, CN-103248343-A: 用于校正时钟占空比的边沿选择技术 patent, CN-103249504-A: Method and apparatus for applying a lubricant while rolling metallic rolled stock patent, CN-103250968-A: 一种有降血压功效的保健茶米粥及其制作方法 patent, CN-103252669-A: 一种用于风机轴套加工的装夹装置 patent, CN-103261628-A: Secondary assembly drive of an internal combustion engine and method for operating same patent, CN-103261630-A: 带有用于在压缩机叶轮破裂时轴向地固定轴的器件的废气涡轮增压器 patent, CN-103261800-A: 流体流动控制系统 patent, CN-103264551-A: 一种悬梁式交替灌溉系统 patent, CN-103267021-A: Horizontal type self-priming pump patent, CN-103269609-A: 用于对豆类去壳和制作豆浆的设备和方法 patent, CN-103276084-A: 应用rt-pcr检测牙鲆litaf基因表达的方法 patent, CN-103279107-A: 一种动力环境监控方法及装置 patent, CN-103279940-A: Enhancement method and device for medical imaging multi-illumination image patent, CN-103279943-A: 目标入侵检测方法及装置、视频监控系统 patent, CN-103282293-A: 部件供给装置和部件供给方法 patent, CN-103292632-A: Condenser with arched baffle patent, CN-103293380-A: 回路电阻测试轻质复合绝缘杆 patent, CN-103298406-A: 用于在功能和解剖级对器官疾病进行治疗规划的系统和方法 patent, CN-103306307-A: Cipher well lid patent, CN-103307774-A: 一种碟式抛物面反射镜装置及其小镜面镜壳装置 patent, CN-103310780-A: 乐音产生装置及乐音产生方法 patent, CN-103310822-A: Method for practicing choral songs anytime and anywhere patent, CN-103311251-A: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, CN-103313443-A: Heat generating element patent, CN-103321826-A: 一种水轮发电机过速保护电路及其控制方法 patent, CN-103328445-A: Improved process for preparation of low molecular weight molybdenum succinimide complexes patent, CN-103329505-A: 用于多核平台的dns转发器 patent, CN-103330584-A: 用于活体组织结扎的夹持装置 patent, CN-103332536-A: 线缆整理器 patent, CN-103333727-A: Nanosilicon dioxide and nano-graphite composite self-repairing lubricating additive and preparation method thereof patent, CN-103333793-A: 一种水车式防结壳沼气池 patent, CN-103334759-A: Mine hook beam tower patent, CN-103340965-A: 治疗湿疹、皮炎、癣类皮肤病的外用药物组合物及其制备方法 patent, CN-103341597-A: 一种连铸结晶器内保护渣下钢液温度测量装置及测量方法 patent, CN-103342255-A: Tow guiding device with tow dividing bar patent, CN-103343492-A: Crease-resistance paper and technology for producing cloth-pasting pictures with strong stereoscopic impression by crease-resistance paper patent, CN-103346767-A: Electronic switch device patent, CN-103347742-A: Device and method for stabilising voltage applied to a first electric consumer arranged in a vehicle electrical system patent, CN-103348374-A: 医疗信息管理系统和管理装置 patent, CN-103353915-A: 一种仿骨骼微观结构的汽车侧门防撞梁的制造方法 patent, CN-103357510-A: Cellophane positive flotation collector and preparation method of cellophane positive flotation collector patent, CN-103362641-A: 涡轮增压器旋转组件中的平衡漂移的控制 patent, CN-103363711-A: 一种温湿度独立控制空调器 patent, CN-103365023-A: Electrophoresis particle, method of manufacturing electrophoresis particle, electrophoresis dispersion liquid, electrophoresis sheet, electrophoresis device and electronic apparatus patent, CN-103367680-A: Three dimensional solid-state battery integrated with CMOS devices patent, CN-103368033-A: Cleaning device based on power-on traveling connector of electric automobile patent, CN-103373952-A: 硫酸卡维地洛的新晶型 patent, CN-103377874-A: 硅酸铪氮氧化合物制作方法 patent, CN-103381475-A: 石油平台用耐腐蚀高Mn钢专用连铸结晶器保护材料 patent, CN-103391746-A: 图像获取优化 patent, CN-103398453-A: Novel air conditioner draught fan and method for controlling same patent, CN-103408541-A: 吲哚取代的噻唑并环已烷类化合物、及其抗肿瘤用途 patent, CN-103413333-A: Method for detecting concave-convex defects at tail end of alkaline battery patent, CN-103415123-A: 一种mos故障保护线路 patent, CN-103418134-A: Gaming machine and gaming method patent, CN-103418560-A: 金属带材表面除油装置 patent, CN-103419168-A: 大型球磨机筒体安装、调整用系统 patent, CN-103421853-A: Method for bioconversion of chlorogenic acids in plants by adopting aspergillus aculeatus patent, CN-103429174-A: Treatment tool for endoscope patent, CN-103432463-A: Chinese herba preparation for treating upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage patent, CN-103434944-A: Insulation arm crane patent, CN-103441644-A: One-way fixed-gap moment-adjustable permanent magnetic coupler patent, CN-103442012-A: Method and device for realizing subscription information transfer between devices of Internet of things patent, CN-103448059-A: Six-DOF (Degree Of Freedom) parallel mechanism including plane six-rod closed-loop branch chains patent, CN-103448493-A: 在轮胎压力监测系统中的误操作检测装置、方法以及程序 patent, CN-103459458-A: Method for removal of the cyclic diester of a 2-hydroxy alkanoic acid from a vapor patent, CN-103462667-A: Disposable guide type anorectal hemorrhoid anastomat patent, CN-103469354-A: 一种偏心皮芯型抗菌功能复合聚酯纤维及其制备方法 patent, CN-103477050-A: 涡轮增压机 patent, CN-103481588-A: 一种轻型防弹飞机风挡玻璃 patent, CN-103483332-A: Novel piezoluminescence material with thermal activation delayed fluorescence and aggregation-induced emission properties and synthetic method and application of novel piezoluminescence material patent, CN-103485480-A: Net rack with steel structure patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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